The longest-standing Fiddlehead is also the youngest, in dog years, with one of his date-rings going back to the days when Chorus Jig was in 6/8.

Sirch-mistress Where would the Fiddleheads be without a fiddle? And where would Willow be without her bow? And where would we be without our fans?

Always planning his next pun, Gary hones in on the dangling modifier at the beginning of this sentence, a full three days before it was created! Astounded? You're in good company.

NEW in 2002 click on this line and DOWNLOAD three of Gary's jigs that we like to play as a set at dances (you'll need an ABC player)

Man Doh-ver-board!
Think of it as a cry for help... HELP! Now here's a man who should've used a bathroom about 40 minutes before this picture was taken... how do I know? Believe me, you don't want to know...